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Room information
Spaces Room Type Room Code Occupancy 2024-2025 Rate / Person
6 Double-6P-ST 6PDBLE Six-person $6,115/Semester
432 Double-8P-ST 8PDBLE Eight-person $6,115/Semester
Spaces6Room TypeDouble-6P-STRoom Code6PDBLEOccupancySix-personRate / Person$6,115/Semester
Spaces432Room TypeDouble-8P-STRoom Code8PDBLEOccupancyEight-personRate / Person$6,115/Semester
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Floor Plan
USC offers a wide-variety of floor plans. This floor plan is typical, though the actual layout and dimensions will vary among buildings that share this plan. Where the exact plan for a room type was not available, the closest approximation was used. Some items shown are for decorative purposes and not included in the room or apartment.
Air Conditioning
Community Bathroom
Customer Service Center
Living Learning Community
Required Meal Plan
Residential College


The suites of the Arts & Humanities Residential College offer residents the opportunity to be part of an exciting and groundbreaking program, focusing on arts-related activities. This four-story complex in the Parkside area brings together classic collegiate architecture with modern conveniences. The residential college provides housing for 440 students in suite configurations consisting of double rooms clustered around a small common space.

Arts & Humanities has a wide variety of facilities that are shared with the other residents of the Parkside area including a performance space, a multipurpose room, music practice rooms, a collaborative learning center, lounges on each floor and an entertainment room with arcade and tabletop games and five TVs. The building has a large, modern laundry room. The residential college's dedicated customer service center is located in the first floor lobby.

Features & Amenities

Residents enjoy privacy and independence, as well as the benefits of being part of the intellectual environment that a residential community brings. A freshman building where residents can take advantage of the building's on-campus location, excellent facilities and numerous programs and activities.

Students living here are required to have a full meal plan. Parkside Restaurant, where residents have many of their meals, is conveniently located in the adjacent International Residential College, and accommodates students with dietary restrictions. Meal plans can also be used at a variety of USC Dining locations on campus.

Housing Programs

Designed to create a space where students and faculty can form a strong scholarly community centered on the arts and humanities, the Parkside Arts & Humanities Residential College connects students with the cultural offerings of the campus as well as Los Angeles. This residential college is a center for artistic activities of all kinds, including programs centered on student works and performances.