For Fall 2020, all of USC Housing’s undergraduate residents will have required (mandatory) meal plans that can be used in the three residential restaurant dining facilities.


  • Assigned to any suite or residence hall will have the Residential 21 Plan.
  • Assigned to Webb Tower or Parkside Apartments will have the Residential 21 Plan.
  • Assigned to any other apartment will have the Flex 40 Plan.

All Undergraduate Upperclassmen:

  • All sophomores, juniors and seniors will have the Flex 40 Plan where ever they are assigned.

Graduate students will not have a required meal plan.

Fall 2020 Meal Plans

Meal PlanProvidesCost per Semester
Residential 2121 Meals/week$2,860
Flex 4040 Meal/semester +
$250 in Dining Dollars

The information provided is for Fall 2020 plans only.

Meal plans are administered by USC Hospitality, which also determines the features and costs of each plan.  You can learn about the most recent meal plan information here and find a description of dining locations here.