Is this a security deposit?

No. It is not held against possible damages and is credited back to the resident in full if he/she live out the terms of his/her contract.

When will the Confirmation Payment be credited back to my account?

The first half ($400) will be credited to your account in the beginning of the Fall semester and the second half ($400) will be applied in the beginning of the Spring semester, as long as you fulfill the terms of your contract.

I am a spring admit; do I need to pay the full $800?

No, Spring admits will only pay a $400 confirmation fee. The $800 confirmation fee only applies to contracts for the whole academic year.

I have a summer housing contract; do I need to pay the full $800?

No, summer housing contracts only require a $400 confirmation fee.

Under what circumstances can I lose the Confirmation Payment?

Returning residents contracting during the USC Housing Renewal program (UHR) who cancel on or before March 1, 2019 will not be charged the $800 confirmation fee. Students who cancel after the March 1 deadline will forfeit the $800 confirmation fee.

New incoming students who are granted cancellation after June 7, 2019 will forfeit the confirmation fee.

What if I am released from my contract after the fee has been credited back to my account?

If you cancel after your rent has been billed, you will get the prorated amount of the rent back, less $400.