Where is my customer service center?

The Customer Service Center for each facility can be found on the building’s page in the Housing Options menu. You can find a list of all our CSCs in Contact Us below and on the Directory page of the Living at USC brochure for upperclassmen and graduates.

Where do I find building information?

Our buildings are described individually in the Housing Options section of this website and also in the Living at USC brochures for Freshmen and Upperclassmen and Graduates

What should I bring with me when I move-in?

Both the Living at USC brochure for Freshmen and the Living at USC brochure for Undergraduate Upperclassmen and Graduates provide lists of the basic stuff you should bring with you when you move in.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Our apartments, residence halls and suites are all furnished so there is little need for your own furniture. The furnishings provided may not be removed from your room or apartment and nor does USC have any facilities to store them.

Where can I find check out information?

Spring Check-out guides are available in mid-April at CSCs and also posted in PDF form here on our website in the Application & Assignment menu.

Do residents of apartments have to move out during Winter Break?

No. While students living in residence halls and suites are required to vacate their assignments during the Winter Break. Residents of apartment buildings are free to stay during that period.

Can I have a pet?

The only pets allowed in university housing are fish in an aquarium with a capacity of 10 gallons or less. All other pets are prohibited, and when discovered will likely lead to expensive cleaning charges and possible disciplinary action for violating university policy.

I misplaced a Housing brochure that had some important information in it. Can I get another copy?

Our brochures, such as Living at USC, Summer Housing, and Check-Out brochures are available at Housing CSCs, the Housing Services Office in the McCarthy Way Parking Structure (PSX) and here on our website in the Application & Assignment section.

Is it possible to check-in before Move-In Day?

Checking in early (early arrival) may be possible if you have a university-affiliated program or personal need that requires you to move in before the regular check-in date. You will need to submit an online Early Arrival Request.

If you are granted early arrival, you will be charged $75 per night for each night you move in early. Residents who arrive without approval may be turned away; those who can be accommodated will be charged a $200 per-night fee.

Please see Requests for Early Arrival for more information.