How much USC Housing is available to upperclassmen and transfer students?

USC Housing has just under 7,000 undergraduate bed spaces in our inventory and prioritizes those spaces for new freshmen and rising sophomores. However, there are over 20,000 undergraduate students enrolled at USC — far more than we can house. The result is that 65% of undergraduate upperclass students live in non-university housing.

I’m attending USC now, but am not living in university housing. Can I apply for UHR?

Sorry, no—UHR is only for current  university housing residents.  However, you can apply as a continuing, non-resident student in early February.

Does it matter when I apply during the UHR application period?

No, just make sure you apply by the application deadline.  Selection times for the category you choose are randomly assigned and are not based on your application date.

I missed the application deadline. Can I still participate in UHR?

Unfortunately, no.  However, you can apply as a continuing student in early February.

Can I cancel my contract after I have confirmed my assignment?

Yes, but you must do so by the deadlines.  If you submit a cancellation form to the Main Housing Office in the McCarthy Way Parking Structure by 5:00pm on Friday, March 1, 2024 you will not be charged the $800 confirmation fee.  If you submit your cancellation by 5:00pm on Wednesday, May 1, 2024, your contract will be cancelled, but you will forfeit the $800 confirmation fee.

I’ve completed the “Roommate Selection” step in the online application, but the portal says my application is ‘not complete’. Did I miss something?

No, you’re OK.  As a reminder that you’ll need to come back later to complete the rest of the steps, the portal lists your application status as incomplete up until you have confirmed a contract.

Who decides who get accepted to Living Learning Communities?

Those decisions are made solely by the Office of Residential Education.

I’ve been accepted to a Living Learning Community, but don’t want that assignment. Can I still get housing?

Sure.  Don’t select an assignment in the LLC category and you’ll be automatically entered into the General Lottery and issued a selection time.

I’m searching for a roommate while applying and can’t find them. What’s going on?

The three most likely reasons for this are:

1)      The student you are searching for is not eligible for UHR.

2)      The student you are searching for is eligible for UHR, but has not yet applied.  You can only search for students who have applied for UHR.

3)      The roommate you are looking for has already requested you.  In this case, you can’t request them, but should instead accept their request.

What is an ‘accepted’ roommate and how do I accept roommates?

Accepted roommates are residents who have requested and accepted each other when completing their UHR applications.  During the application process you can send another UHR applicant a roommate request.  If they agree, then you both are accepted roommates.  The same applies if you agree to another applicant’s request.

Roommates should be in the same class standing category (sophomores with sophomores, juniors/seniors with other upperclassmen and graduate students with other grads) and of the same gender.

When selecting an assignment, who can I pull in to be a roommate?

You can only pull in (assign) accepted roommates (see above).  You won’t be able to pull in students of different class standing category.

If I’m pulled in (assigned) by a roommate, do I need to do anything else?

Yes!  Each resident must confirm their own individual contract within 24 hours of the assignment being made.  So, if you are pulled in, you’ll need to go back online and accept your contract.  If you don’t, you will lose that assignment, although you will be free to assign yourself during your own selection time.

I’m a sophomore and I really want to live with a junior/senior, but we go through different lotteries. How can we live together?

Because of the Sophomore Guarantee and the requirement that we have spaces for all sophomores, we can’t allow sophomores to pull in juniors/seniors during the Sophomore Lottery.  However, you can request to get together with upperclassmen by filling out a group reassignment form beginning in March.  During reassignment, there is no distinction between sophomores and upperclassmen and they can be place together if spaces are available to accommodate the request.

I’m eligible for UHR but someone I want to live with next year is not? Is this possible?

It is possible, though the process will take time and effort, and may not work out. The likelihood of success is dependent on space availability.

You should first go through UHR to secure an assignment for next year. The person(s) you wish to live with should apply for housing in February when the application for non-UHR participants opens.   Then, If that individual is able to get a housing assignment, everyone involved should fill out a group reassignment request asking to be placed together.  Reassignment isn’t guaranteed, but we’ll do our best to place you together.  You can increase your chances for reassignment by submitting your request as early as you can, and being flexible in your preferences.

If USC Housing is not able to offer me an assignment, are there other resources for housing?

Yes.  USC Housing has partnered with Off-Campus Housing 101 to provide students with listings of available rentals from private landlords in the North University Park area, around the main campus.  All their listings are within the USC Department of Public Safety Patrol Zone and they offer customer support services to assist you with obtaining private rental housing