When and how will I be charged rent?

For all undergraduate buildings, rent is charged once per semester, in late July for the Fall semester, and December for the Spring semester. For graduate and family housing, rent is charged on a monthly basis. Rent charges are placed directly on your student account.

Where can I find rents for USC Housing facilities?

Rents for all USC Housing buildings can be found in the individual building entries in the Housing Options section of this website. (These rents are updated every January to reflect the rates for the upcoming academic year.) You can also find rents in the current edition of our Living at USC  brochure.

Summer Housing rents sometimes differ from academic year rents and can be found in the current Summer Housing brochure.

I prefer to pay my rent on a monthly basis. Is there anything I can do?

The option to pay by month is available through USC’s Tuition Payment Plan. This plan allows students to settle all or just part of their fee bill obligation (not just Housing rent payments), one semester/term at a time, through a series of monthly payments established with the USC Student Financial Services Office.

Residents can set a payment schedule that will essentially mirror monthly rent billing. For information on how to apply for the Payment Plan please visit the Student Financial Services website.