Where can I live?

Graduate student housing is in smaller off-campus apartment buildings. You can get a list of these facilities on our building search page.

How much USC Housing is available to graduate and family applicants?

USC Housing has just under 1,500 graduate and family bed spaces in our inventory. However there are over 20,000 graduate students enrolled at USC — more than we can house. The result is that over 90% of USC graduate students live in non-university housing.

When are my contract start and end dates?

Housing contract dates for graduate students are different than those of undergraduates.

  • Graduate Academic Year contracts (9 months) begin in early August and end in mid-May when the academic year closes,
  • Graduate Full Year contracts (12 months) begin in early August and end in late July.
  • All Family housing buildings are on Graduate Full Year contract (12 months), beginning in early August and ending in late July.
  • Contracts for Residents of the Law program in Terrace begin in early August  and end in mid-May, a few days later than the Academic Year contract term ends.
Is there a waitlist for housing?

No. Grads are assigned on a space available basis in the order their housing applications were received.

If USC Housing is not able to offer me an assignment, are there other resources for housing?

Yes.  Currie Hall, which is located on the Health Science Campus, provides apartments for students attending classes there. Additionally USC Housing has partnered with Off-Campus Housing 101 to provide students with listings of available rentals from private landlords in the North University Park area and near the Health Sciences Campus.  All listings are within the USC Department of Public Safety Patrol Zone and they offer customer support services to assist you with obtaining private rental housing.