Living in university housing places you in a community of fellow residents, enhancing the social aspects of college life and enriching your time at USC.

Gender-Specific and Gender-Inclusive Housing

In USC residence halls, men and women are typically assigned to different wings or floors with separate bathroom facilities. In buildings with apartments or suites, each individual unit is designated for a single gender.

Gender-inclusive housing is also available. Please see Gender Inclusive Housing for more information.

The Roommate Experience

One of the most anticipated events for college students is meeting their roommates. Living with new people is an opportunity to learn from others and share experiences. Students have different expectations regarding roommate relationships. Some people simply want a person who is easy to live with, whereas others are looking for a new best friend. You don’t have to be best friends to be good roommates. In fact, it can be easier to live with someone when you spend most of your time with other people. What is important is learning to adjust to new people.

USC Housing offers tool for requesting roommates and for roommate matching if you do not have specific individual in mind. Please see our Application and Assignment section for more information about how this works..