Please note: the information below is for current, non-USC Housing resident students only. Returning residents should consult the Renewal Procedures for Returning Residents section for application and assignment instructions.

If you are a current USC student interested in housing for the upcoming year but are not a university housing resident, you may apply once the online application opens the first week of February. Current residents who do not participate in the USC Housing Renewal (UHR) process and later decide to apply for housing would fall into this category as well. When applying, be sure to select “Continuing Non-Resident” category.

Assignments for continuing non-residents will be made based on availability and application date, so it is best to apply early. Continuing non-resident graduate students should be aware that due to limited space availability, they are unlikely to receive an assignment.

Even though you may have applied during the time the UHR process is ongoing, you are not eligible to be assigned during UHR. You won’t be able to request UHR applicants as roommates when applying, nor may UHR applicants request you. Non-residents cannot be ‘pulled in’ during the UHR selection process.

Continuing non-residents who wish to be roomed with students assigned through UHR may be able to do so through pre-occupancy reassignment.

  • All of the students involved must have a confirmed contract, so continuing non-residents will need to wait to until they have been offered and confirmed a housing assignment to request reassignment.
  • Reassignment is available from early March through mid-July each year.
  • The likelihood of reassignment being granted is dependent on when the request is submitted, the preferences requested and space availability. Reassignment is not guaranteed.