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Undergraduate upperclassmen and graduate students

(1) Returning university housing residents who participate in the USC Housing Renewal (UHR) program are assigned first. Participants who are not able to obtain an assignment during the UHR lottery process may go on the UHR Wait List and will be offered housing before any other undergraduate upperclassmen or graduate students.

(2) Transferring undergraduates and new graduate students will be assigned on a space available basis, after housing has been offered to all those on the UHR Wait List.

(3) Continuing, non-resident students (students currently at USC but not living in university housing or who did not participate in UHR) will then be offered housing on a space available basis.

Because housing for graduate students and families is in very high demand, only those who apply early are assigned housing

Freshmen (first-years)

New freshmen applying for the fall semester by the May 1 deadline are guaranteed a space in university housing. Housing is set aside and reserved for freshmen in order for USC Housing to provide this guarantee.

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