Residential Colleges

USC's residential colleges provide an opportunity offered by only a few universities in the U.S. Based on British and Ivy League models, these programs strive to integrate a stimulating social setting, cultural activities and academic excellence into a living experience that enriches and teaches. Recent expansion of the residential college model into new buildings will give nearly all USC freshmen the opportunity to live in one of these communities and benefit from the programming and increased faculty interaction they provide. The addition of new residential colleges in USC Village extends this experience to a large number of undergraduate upperclassmen.

university residential college at birnkrant

Birnkrant Residential College

The smallest, and many believe the friendliest, of the residential colleges, Birnkrant offers programs that introduce students to Los Angeles' food, cultures and art.

Faculty in Residence

Ashley Uyeshiro Simon, Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy

Bohnett RC04x1

Bohnett Residential College

Located in USC Village, the Bohnett Residential College bring together students, faculty and regional entrepreneurs around the core concept of social action through entrepreneurship. This collaboration will seek innovative solutions for a broad range of significant social issues.

Faculty in Residence

Broderick Leaks, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

Cale RC14x1

Cale Residential College

Focusing on critical world issues, the Cale Residential utilizes partnerships with academic departments and resource centers to educate residents on important international problems and current events to assist them in becoming true global citizens.

Faculty in Residence

Ruth Chung, Associate Professor of Clinical Education

Cowlings RC03x1

Cowlings Residential College

The Los Angeles area is a cultural and artistic hub, home to designers, film makers and artist. Through community programs and coordinated events, Cowlings Residential College will put students in the center of LA arts and culture.

Faculty in Residence

Laura Baker, Professor of Psychology

Ilium RC01x1

Ilium Residential College

Ilium is home to the Second-Year Honors program, a community of scholars building on the experiences of their freshman year in the McCarthy Honors College. Residents share a commitment to intellectual inquiry and academic achievement.

Faculty in Residence

Laura Baker, Professor of Psychology

Irani RC03x1

Irani Residential College

The Irani Residential College focuses on performance science, the study of the interaction between he mind, body, and business. Through programs and workshops, students in this residential college will learn how to break down barriers inhibiting leadership, decision-making, resilience, or creative potential with the goals of maximizing performance, both individually and within an organization or community.

Faculty in Residence

Ruth Chung, Associate Professor of Clinical Education

McCarthy RC04x1

McCarthy Honors Residential College

Located in the USC Village, McCarthy HonorsResidential College offers a vibrant and enhanced living and learning experience for Mork Family, Stamps Leadership, Trustee and Presidential scholars in a suite-style living environment. Through faculty interaction, diverse programming, opportunities to experience Los Angeles, and a community-building retreat (held either on- or off- campus), this program is designed to inspire students to reach their full potential as agents of global change.  

Faculty in Residence

John Pascarella, Associate Professor of Clinical Education
Trisha Tucker, Assistant Professor of Writing

UV 7 RC01x1

McMorrow Residential College

Through its focus on innovation and design, the McMorrow Residential College supports the interests of students in the areas of technology and science and encourages them to pursue solutions to global challenges through creativity and innovation.

Faculty in Residence

Neelesh Tiruviluamala, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Nemirovsky RC04x1

Nemirovsky Residential College

The Nemirovsky Residential College is for those students interested in putting the principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability into practice through green living and social engagement.  While building the knowledge and leadership abilities to address global and local environmental issue, residents agree to a lifestyle that reduces their impact on the earth.

Faculty in Residence

Broderick Leaks, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

new residential college

New North Residential College

A hub of freshman life, close to libraries, dining facilities and the McCarthy Quad, New North is a popular location for students new to USC. The residential college is noted for its vibrant atmosphere and strong personal and academic support network. The residential college fosters a community of friends by offering programs that draw upon the cultural resources of both USC and Los Angeles and encourage students to learn and interact with one another. Every Tuesday evening, the community gathers for a special dinner, often featuring musical entertainment or a distinguished university guest, and on weekends, New North offers opportunities for students to attend concerts, plays, films and sports events.  

Faculty in Residence

Philip Ethington, Professor of History and Political Science
Ange-Marie Hancock, Professor of Political Science and Gender Studies

arts humanities residential college

Parkside Arts & Humanities Residential College

Parkside Arts & Humanities Residential College gives students from all academic backgrounds the opportunity to express themselves. Designed to create a space where students and faculty can form a strong scholarly community centered on the arts and humanities, the Parkside Arts & Humanities Residential College connects students with the cultural offerings of the campus and Los Angeles area.

Faculty in Residence

Brett Sheehan, Professor of History and East Asian Languages and Cultures
Edwin Hill, Associate Professor of French and Italian
Lindsey Bier, Assistant Professor of Clinical Business Communication

international residential college at parkside

Parkside International Residential College

The Parkside International Residential College—encompassing the International Residential College (suites) and Parkside Apartments—serves as a campus focal point for dialogue about global issues. Living at Parkside will allow you to participate in intellectual, cultural and social exchanges with people who have a wide range of backgrounds and interests, in one of the most attractive locations on campus. The International Residential College hosts visiting scholars and renowned international figures who give lectures and speak informally with students.

Faculty in Residence

Alan Green, Associate Professor of Clinical Education
Brendesha Tynes, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology
Caroline Muglia, Co-Associate Dean for Collections and Head of Resource Sharing, USC Libraries
Kelly Sanders, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Spacial Sciences

south rescollege 02

South Residential College

South Residential College comprises four traditional residence halls: Marks Hall, Trojan Hall, Pardee Tower and Marks Tower. Residents attend Faculty in Residence dinners in the Everybody's Kitchen (EVK) residential restaurant, participate in special events and benefit from programming emphasizing personal growth and leadership.

Faculty in Residence

Timothy Biblarz, Associate Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies
Joshua West, Associate Professor of Earth Sciences
Myka Winder, Assistant Professor of Clinical Occupational Therapy

West RC01x2

West Residential College

Webb and Fluor Towers are the two pillars of West Residential College, which opened as a residential college in the fall of 2012.. Close to many of USC's facilities devoted to physical activity, including the Lyon Recreation Center and Uytengsu Swim Stadium, the residential college is developing wellness-based initiatives.

Faculty in Residence

Stanley Huey Jr., Associate Professor of Psychology and American Studies and Ethnicity
Aniko Imre, Professor of Cinematic Arts