How much does printing cost?

B&W Single-Sided – $.10
B&W Double Side – $.15
Color Singled Sided – $.15
Color Double Sided – $.25

Where are the printers located?

Printers are located in the lobby area near the Customer Service Center.

What if I want to change the settings of the document I sent?

You are able to change the document settings (double-sided printing, color vs. black and white) via the Pharos Print app, or via the website.  You cannot change the settings of the document once you are at the device.

How long do my print jobs stay available?

Once you send or upload your document, you will have 24 hours to print your document.  After 24 hours your print job will be deleted and the document will need to be sent or uploaded again.

I’ve used up my printing allocation. How do I reload funds?

If you’ve depleted your student print allotment, you can use your USCard Discretionary funds. If you don’t have any Discretionary funds on your card, you can go to to load additional funds onto your USCard.

How do I check my USC Housing Print Balance?

You can check your balance through the Pharos Print mobile app or at

What do I do if I lose my USC ID card?

You can sign in to release a print job using your USC Net ID credentials at the device.  When you receive your new USC ID, it should work as normal; however, only the newest USCard will work at the device.


Can I print posters and legal-sized paper?

Currently these printers are not equipped to print legal-size or on any other custom-sized paper. You can consider visiting FedEx Office located at the USC Village for any specific printing needs.

How do I get additional help?

Questions should be directed to your Customer Service Center via e-mail. Please include the date, time, and your USC ID number.  Tutorials and links to videos are also available on the signage next to the device.

How do I copy?

To print copies, tap your ID on the printer to login.  Exit out of the release print display and press the copy icon.

What if I have a print balance remaining at the end of the semester?

Residents receive a $25 print allotment at the beginning of each semester as an amenity.  USC Housing does not return any money remaining on their Housing Print Balance at the end of the semester.

Do my unused prints rollover into the next semester?

No, However, you receive $25 at the start of each semester that you live in USC Housing.

Where do I send my documents that I want printed?

For black and white printing, send your document to  For color printing, send your documents to  You can also upload documents through or via the Pharos Print mobile app. You can also print from a flash drive after signing into the device.

Who can print at the Customer Service Centers?

The printers are provided for USC Housing residents only.

What is the most reliable printing method (USB, e-mail, upload or app)?

All printing methods are reliable; however, we recommend sending the print job to the device first via e-mail, the website, or through the Pharos Print App.  The print stations support most standard document types (PDF, Word, Excel, Text, Images, PowerPoint, Visio, etc.)