Students admitted for the spring semester may submit a housing application. The housing information and procedures presented on the Application and Contracting Procedures pages for new students apply to spring applicants, except for the important differences noted below.

Applications and Assignment

USC Housing accepts spring 2025 applications beginning July 1, 2024. Due to high demand and the uncertain supply of housing space, you should apply early for the best chance of getting a housing assignment. We expect the majority of spring applications to be received on July 1.

Housing assignments for spring 2025 will be made in late November 2024. Assignments will be made based on application date, gender and availability and applicant will be assigned to the space available that best match their preferences when the assignment is made.

As described below, the availability of housing, especially in freshman buildings, will be limited. As space allows, freshman admitted for spring will be assigned to available freshman housing, though most will be placed in non-freshman undergraduate buildings.

Students will be notified of their assignments by e-mail and directed to the USC Housing website to confirm their contracts.

Students assigned for the spring are not eligible for reassignment prior to Move-In, but may request over the counter reassignment in mid-January.

Move-In Day for spring residents is January 9, 2025.


Housing for spring in often very limited.

USC Housing has just under 7,000 undergraduate bed spaces in our inventory and prioritizes those spaces for new freshmen and rising sophomores. However, as of 2021-22, there are over 20,000 undergraduate students enrolled at USC, far more than we can house. The result is that 65% of undergraduate students live in non-university housing.

Freshman (First Year) Housing

Spring freshmen are not assured an assignment in USC Housing. Unfortunately, we are unable to extend the same housing assurances and selection to freshmen entering in the spring as we do to fall students. The housing situation for freshmen in spring is based on:

  • The number of students admitted to USC for spring semester
  • The number of students who leave university housing during fall semester

Freshman housing is usually filled to capacity at the beginning of fall semester; only spaces that become vacant can be offered to freshmen arriving in the spring. The availability of specific housing types is difficult to predict, and it is often not possible to place applicants in their top preferences or with requested roommates

Other undergraduate and graduate students

Transferring undergraduates, continuing non-resident undergraduates, and new and continuing graduate students are not assured an assignment in USC Housing. Housing assignments for these applicants will be made on a space available basis. Availability of housing for these applicants depends on the number spaces vacated at the end of the fall semester.

Non-university housing

USC Housing has partnered with Off-Campus Housing 101 to provide students with listings of available rentals from private landlords in the North University Park area, around the main campus.  All their listings are within the USC Department of Public Safety Patrol Zone and they offer customer support services to assist you with obtaining private rental housing.

Spring 2025 Application and Assignments Timeline
Applications and Assignments Timeline for Spring 2025
July 1Application for Spring 2025 Students Open
Late NovemberE-mail Notification of Spring Assignments Begin
January 9 Spring Move-In Day
Mid-JanuaryOver the Counter Reassignment Begins
May 14 Check-Out Day Academic Year (9 month) Contracts
July 31 Check-Out Day for Graduate Full Year (12 month) Contracts