Where should I live?

Where you should live is very much a matter of personal choice. There isn’t an overall “best” housing facility. Look through the descriptions of freshman buildings and see which fit your personal preferences.

I am a __________ major. Should I live in a particular building?

While some of our buildings have special interest programs geared toward particular academic fields (such as the Music Floor or Women in Science and Engineering), in general, where you live has little to do with your major. As a freshman, your classes are likely to be spread around campus rather than concentrated in a specific location. The USC campus is relatively small and academic buildings are just a 10 or 15 minute walk from freshman housing.

What if I want to tour or see a building?

Since our housing facilities are used year-round, tours of living areas are not possible. Buildings will be pointed out during freshman orientations in the summer.  Please check out the individual pages for buildings you are interested in on this website for pictures, descriptions and floorplans.

I applied by May 1. Why didn’t I get my first housing choice?

May 1 is the application deadline for freshmen to be guaranteed a space in housing, but they are not guaranteed a particular space. Assignments are made based on application date, so those students who applied early, well before May 1, had the best chances to get their top preferences.

I am admitted for Spring. When can I apply for housing?

You can apply beginning July 1, 2019. Check here for more information on spring housing.

What about housing for next year?

Returning residents may apply for housing for the upcoming year through our USC Housing Renewal process (UHR). Current freshmen applying to return to housing for their sophomore year are guaranteed housing if they participate in UHR and follow all the necessary procedures. UHR takes place January through March. More information about next year’s UHR will be available in December.

I am a transfer student. Am I guaranteed housing?

While USC Housing strives to offer university housing to as many transferring undergraduates as possible, our large returning student population and limited space prevents us from guaranteeing housing to transfers.

What is USC Housing Renewal (UHR)?

USC Housing Renewal (UHR) is our program for assigning current residents to housing for the upcoming year. UHR participants are given priority in returning to university housing. It takes place January through March. More information about next year’s UHR will be available in December.

I applied for USC Housing Renewal but didn’t get a space during the General Lottery. What should I do?

You should sign up for the UHR Wait List. UHR participants on the Wait List will be offered housing during the spring and early summer as spaces become open. For more information on how the Wait List works check here.

Where can I live?

Graduate student housing is in smaller off-campus apartment buildings. You can get a list of these facilities on our building search page.

Is there a waitlist for housing?

No. Grads are assigned on a space available basis in the order their housing applications were received.

When are my contract start and end dates?

Housing contract dates for graduate students are different than those of undergraduates. Graduate Academic Year contracts (9 months) begin in early August and end in May when the academic year closes, Graduate Full Year contracts (12 months) begin in early August and end in late July. Family housing contracts can be either Graduate Academic Year or Graduate Academic Year in length, depending on the building.

Contracts for Residents of the Law program in Terrace begin in August,  a few days earlier than the undergraduate contract term and end in May, a few days later than the undergraduate contract term.

Who may apply for Gender-Inclusive spaces?

Undergraduates of all class standings may request this housing. Spaces for freshmen will be limited and eligibility will be determined on a case by case basis.

Where is Gender-Inclusive housing located?

Select apartments in Cardinal Gardens and Century (Rainbow Floor) are designated for gender-inclusive housing.

How do I apply for Gender-Inclusive housing?

New housing applicants should check the gender-inclusive option in the special interest housing step of the online application.  Returning residents participating in UHR should request the Special Interest Housing category and check the gende-inclusive option.  A supplemental (written) application is also required.

Applications will be reviewed by the Division of Student Affairs, who will work with applicants regarding their housing needs.  If accepted, applicants will be provided with specific instructions regarding how to confirm their assignment.

Can I select my own roommates?

Yes, but your roommates must have requested, been selected for, and assigned to gender-inclusive housing.

Can I be assigned to a Gender-Inclusive space if I didn’t request it?

No.  Only applicants specifically requesting this housing will be assigned to these spaces.

I have additional questions about Gender-Inclusive housing. Where can I get answers?

Please contact the Office for Residential Education at (213) 740-2080.