Please note: the information below is for new students only. 


If you want to change your assignment after receiving your contract, you can request a reassignment. To be eligible, you must have confirmed your contract and made the $800 confirmation payment prior to submitting your request. Reassignments are processed in two ways: by reassignment list and over the counter.

Reassignment List (Prior to Fall Move-in)
If you want to request a change in your assignment prior to move-in, please read the reassignment information on our website and submit the Reassignment Request for New Students (available mid-May through mid-July, only). Requests are placed on a reassignment list in the order received, and processed based on eligibility, gender and space availability. We make every effort to fulfill requests, but reassignment is not guaranteed.

Submission of the request is an an agreement on your part to complete your reassignment without prior confirmation. If we are able to fulfill your request, you will be notified by e-mail that your reassignment has been completed. This will be your new housing assignment; your previous assignment will be cancelled and offered to another student.

Pre-occupancy reassignments for the academic year are processed during June and July; on July 16, 2021 the USC Housing Office will cancel all unfulfilled requests. If your request is not fulfilled, you should move into your contracted housing assignment on your contract’s designated start date. No new requests will be accepted until the reassignment process re-opens in September. Since the pre-occupancy reassignment list closes in July, residents beginning their housing stay in the spring may only request reassignment in mid-January, after Spring Move-in.

Over the Counter (After Move-in)
Reassignments may be requested over the counter at Housing Customer Service Centers (date to be determined). If a space is available that meets your housing needs and eligibility, you can be reassigned on the spot. There is no reassignment list during the academic year. More information about reassignment will be made available in September.

Reassignments during the academic year are halted from early-November to mid-January to facilitate the assignment of students arriving in the spring semester.

The availability of housing accommodations, programs and assignments are subject to local health authority restrictions and guidelines.


If you decide to cancel your application prior to being assigned, or to cancel your housing assignment prior to confirming your contract, print out and complete a Cancellation Request Form and send it to USC Housing Services. The application or assignment will be cancelled; the $55 processing fee will not be refunded.

Once you have confirmed your contract and made the confirmation payment, you are responsible for the terms of the contract. If, after you have confirmed your contract, you decide to cancel your assignment, you may request to do so by submitting a completed cancellation request form.

  • If your cancellation is granted by June 4, 2021 you will receive a full refund of the contract-confirmation payment.
  • If your cancellation is granted after June 4, you will not be eligible for a refund of any portion of the contract-confirmation payment, even if you decide to withdraw from the university.
  • If your cancellation request is not granted, your contract will be in force and you will be held to its provisions.

You may request in writing to reactivate your application at any time during the same academic year without paying an additional fee or filling out another application.