When can I reassign?

Academic year reassignments can be made from mid-September through late November during the Fall Semester and mid-January through early April during the Spring semester.

Where do I go for reassignment?

You can reassign at any Housing Customer Service Center, including the Housing Services Office in the McCarthy Way Parking Structure (PSX), except for the first week of fall reassignment in September and spring reassignment in January, when reassignments are only done at building CSCs.

How do I find out what housing spaces are available?

You will need to check with a Housing CSC to see what is currently available. The inventory of open spaces is subject to change as students move around, especially at the beginning of a semester, so if something is open that you want, you should act quickly. If you don’t find something you want on your first visit, you may wish to check again a few days later to see if something has opened up.

Can I sign up for a reassignment wait list?

Sorry, no. Reassignment during the academic year is done strictly on an “over-the-counter” basis, where students reassign on the spot if a space is open that they want. USC Housing doesn’t maintain a list of students and their desired reassignments, nor do we call students to let them know if something opens up.

Is there a form I need to fill out?

If we have a housing available that suits your needs, you’ll need to fill out a reassignment form at a Housing customer service center to request the change. You’ll need to show this to the CSC of your current assignment when you check out and to the CSC of your new assignment when you check in.

Can I be reassigned with roommates?

Yes. You and your roommates must come to a CSC together to see what is available for your group and fill out the necessary paperwork if you find something suitable.

Can I switch spaces with another resident?

Yes. You and the student with whom you are switching spaces must come in to a CSC together to work out the switch.

How long do I have to move to my new assignment?

Once you complete the reassignment paper work, you have 24 hours to move out of your current assignment and check in to your new one.