ResNet is USC Housing’s residential network for all residents of university housing buildings.  Both high speed wireless and Ethernet connections are available.

Getting Connected


USC Secured Wireless

It is usually simple to connect your computer to the university wireless network.  Visit the Information Technology Services Wireless page to get instructions based on your computer’s operating system.

Wired Ethernet Connection

Make sure your USC e-mail is activated: You probably activated your e-mail account during orientation at the first login website. If you have not already done so, then please visit Activation of your account may take from one to two hours. You will use the username and password that was created with your first login to connect to ResNet. (Note: your username is usually your email address without the “” at the end).

Register your Ethernet card: If your computer has not connected to the network before, it will need to be registered. To do so, simply plug it into the Ethernet jack provided for you in your room and open your Internet browser. You should be automatically taken to the Network Registration Page. Then enter your USC username and password to register your computer. After registration, your connection should immediately become available.

If you cannot connect:

  • Make sure you have an Ethernet port. If it is not built in, make sure that your card is properly installed.
  • Check your cord for any damage and make sure that it is plugged into the correct port on your computer. Also, check to see that it is plugged into the wall correctly. Verify that you did not accidentally plug it into the phone jack. The Ethernet jack will be colored, the phone jack will be white. Try disabling any wireless connections, as these may interfere with you connecting to ResNet.

Additional ResNet information can be found at the Information Technology Services Wired Connection page.

If you still cannot connect, contact Housing Maintenance at (213) 740-4646.


Housing Maintenance is available to assist you with ResNet issues.  Simply call (213) 740-4646.