Faculty in Residence Communities

Several of USC's residence halls and apartment buildings are home to resident faculty members who, along with acting as neighbors and mentors, lead field trips and host social events for the residents of the building.


Occupational Therapy House

An award-winning residential program developed to support students in USC’s internationally ranked Occupational Therapy department, OT House is a comfortable place for students to study and socialize. The building is located near the University’s Center for Occupational and Lifestyle Redesign. In addition to their studies, residents have a long tradition of volunteer work in the surrounding community.

Faculty in Residence

Kimberley Lenington, Assistant Professor of Clinical Occupational Therapy

Open to: Occupational Therapy students
Location: Centennial

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Terrace Law Program (JD)

Collaborating with the Gould School of Law, the Terrace Law Program offers first-year juris doctor students a community of fellow law students to socialize and study with, as well as a Faculty in Residence who is a USC Gould professor.

Faculty in Residence

Jean Lantz Reisz, Assistant Professor of Law

Open to: First year JD law students
Location: Terrace