• UVF Mtg 1100 02x1
  • UVF Mtg 1100 12x1
  • UVF 1100 LgCnf 13x1
  • UVF 1100 LgCnf 11x1
  • UVF 1100 BrkOut 06x1


Works well with training sessions, faculty master dinners, lectures, and presentations. This room has a single stall bathroom and an outside sink. There are two small rooms that can be used as a breakout room or conference room. The large conference room has a seating capacity for 25 people and includes a TV. The small conference room has a seating capacity for 10 people. Only available for university village res ed/res faculty. Not open to residents for general use.


  • MOM Box:
    • Projector interface
    • Screens
    • Cable TV
    • Blue-ray DVD Player
    • Sound system
    • Tuner
  • Floor outlets
  • Podium