How much USC Housing is available to upperclassmen and transfer students?

USC Housing has just under 7,000 undergraduate bed spaces in our inventory and prioritizes those spaces for new freshmen and rising sophomores.  However, as of academic year 2021-22, there are over 20,000 undergraduate students enrolled at USC, far more than we can house. The result is that 65% of undergraduate upperclass students live in non-university housing.

What is USC Housing Renewal (UHR)?

USC Housing Renewal (UHR) is our program for assigning current residents to housing for the upcoming year. UHR participants are given priority in returning to university housing. It takes place January through March. More information about next year’s UHR will be available in December.

如果 USC Housing 不能够提供一个住房分配,是否有其他住房信息让我参考?

有。USC Housing 已经和 Off-Campus Housing 101 联合提供有关于 North University Park 地区,校园附近,的私人出租住房的信息提供给你。所有从该 Off-Campus Housing 101 网站所列出的初中住房信息都位于 USC Department of Public Safety 巡逻地区内,而该网站也会提供客户服务服务给有需要协助申请私人住房的人士。


USC Housing将努力为尽可能多的转校生提供宿舍,但我们的回返校生人数庞大且宿舍有限,所以无法保证为转学生提供宿舍。