Where is Gender Neutral housing located?

Select apartments in Cardinal Gardens and Century (Rainbow Floor) are designated for gender neutral housing.

Who may apply for Gender Neutral spaces?

Undergraduates of all class standings may request this housing. Spaces for freshmen will be limited and eligibility will be determined on a case by case basis.

How do I apply for Gender Neutral housing?

New housing applicants should check the gender neutral option in the special interest housing step of the online application.  Returning residents participating in UHR should request the Special Interest Housing category and check the gender neutral option.  A supplemental (written) application is also required.

Applications will be reviewed by the Division of Student Affairs, who will work with applicants regarding their housing needs.  If accepted, applicants will be provided with specific instructions regarding how to confirm their assignment.

Can I select my own roommates?

Yes, but your roommates must have requested, been selected for, and assigned to gender neutral housing.

Can I be assigned to a Gender Neutral space if I didn’t request it?

No.  Only applicants specifically requesting this housing will be assigned to these spaces.

I have additional questions about Gender Neutral housing. Where can I get answers?

Please contact the Office for Residential Education at (213) 740-2080.