Storage Items:

*Prices are all based on storage for the summer and include pick up, storage and delivery.

Small Box (14″x14″x14″): $38.50

Medium Box (18″x18″x18″): $55.00

Large Box (17”x20”x29”): $66.00

Small Suitcase/Duffle: $55.00

Medium Suitcase/Duffle: $60.50

Large Suitcase/Duffle: $66.00

Small Trunk: $44.00

Medium Trunk: $49.50

Large Trunk: $60.50

Mini-Fridge (4.0cu.ft.): $88.00

Small Plastic Storage Bin (1.5cu.ft. or less): $38.50

Medium Plastic Storage Bin (1.51cu.ft. – 3.5cu.ft.): $49.50

Large Plastic Storage Bin (3.51cu.ft. – 4.5cu.ft.): $60.50

Carpet/Rug: $55.00

Small File Cabinet (4.5cu.ft. or less): $44.00

Large File Cabinet (4.51cu.ft. or more): $55.00

Un-Boxed Bicycle: $82.50

Boxed Bicycle: $55.00

Tables (Small): $66.00

Tables (Medium): $77.00

Tables (Large): $88.00

Desk Chair: $66.00

Lamp: $33.00

Desk (Small): $88.00

Desk (Medium): $132.00

Desk (Large): $165.00

Futon: $176.00

Mattress (Twin): $110.00

Mattress (Full): $132.00

Mattress (Queen): $165.00

Mattress (King): $165.00

Box Spring (Twin): $110.00

Box Spring (Full): $132.00

Box Spring (Queen): $165.00

Box Spring (King): $165.00

TV (up to 34″ diagonal): $88.00

TV (35″ and greater): $198.00

Packing Material:

Tape Roll: $3.50

Bubble Wrap: $4.50

Ship Home:

Anything that is in a box or luggage with wheels will be shipped home at a rate of $3.50 per pound.

  • $100 of insurance is included (additional insurance may be purchased for $1.50 per $100)
  • Additional charge of $16.50 for each non-boxed item

Shipping Material:

Small Box: $0.00

Medium Box: $0.00

Large Box: $0.00

Extra Charges:

Heavy Items Charge (Over 50lbs): $55.00

Off Schedule Delivery: $110.00

Out of the USC area Pick up or Delivery: $110.00

Prices of boxes (does not include our storage or shipping services): 

Small Box: $4.50

Medium Box: $5.50

Large Box: $6.50

*Please visit the FAQ section for more information on getting these boxes delivered if you will not be using the storage or shipping services. Click here